Conserve water & prevent water damage with a Smart Water Security System

Just a couple of decades ago, the concept of a “smart home” seemed like futuristic tech right out of a Star Trek episode. Fast forward to 2021, however — and we’re seeing many aspects of tech-powered homeownership become more and more viable. 

Homeowners have been able to control a lot of different aspects of their household using smart tech for some time — you can lock and unlock your doors via smartphone, switch the light on and off, control cameras and video doorbells, and a ton of other stuff as well. 

But remotely controlling electricity was only the first — and the most logical —- step to creating a smart home. The development of new technology like the Flo Smart Water Security system allows us to reach another level — managing your home’s water a lot better and smarter. 

A System Designed to Protect and Detect

With the issue of climate change becoming more and more important, how we manage our water supply will become a crucial thing for everyone. But using Moen smart water kits like Flo isn’t just about tracking your water usage. It’s also about water-related security — which is something plenty of people neglect, to their detriment. 

While it’s something most of us don’t even think about, costly water damage is a huge issue when it happens. And according to insurance research, it happens more often than you’d think — in fact, it’s up to six times more likely to happen than theft. 

That’s why preventing water damage is just as big of a goal as conserving water — and a smart water security kit like Flo is designed to help with that! The combination of Flo technology and its accompanying smartphone Moen App gives homeowners more control over their home’s water flow than ever before. 

Smart Water Management

Water leaks can cause a lot of catastrophic water damage to your household before you even notice them; by the time you’ve shut off your home water, there are already thousands of dollars in repairs to make.

However, that’s where Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff comes in — it allows you to shut off your home water supply remotely using its Moen app. As soon as you notice something going awry, you can shut the water off in a second. But even more than that — the Flo device can actually shut it off automatically in case of an emergency! 

The work Flo does in the background is the most valuable for your home; it executes daily “health tests” which constantly monitor the water network inside your home for any leaks. The system can detect any changes in area temperature, water flow rate, and water pressure — immediately noticing anything pointing towards a leak! 

This feature is an absolute life-saver in terms of automatic and quick reaction to leaks; you won’t have to worry about the water from the leak damaging your household because it will be shut off immediately. 

And the Flo system also allows you to manage water in a smarter way even when everything is fine — its proprietary FloSense tech shows you historical water usage in your home, categorized by appliance and fixture! It’s not dependent on WiFi for continued functioning; in case of Internet outages, your water usage data is kept on the device’s local storage. 

Cutting-Edge Water Detection

The Flo Smart Security System is able to do all of this thanks to its breakthrough water detector — the technology that’s pretty much the core of the device. The Moen Smart Water Detector contains an environmental sensor that monitors the surrounding humidity and temperature; providing information about the baseline values for your household and monitoring for any spikes. 

And the “Remote Sensing Disc” that’s a part of the package ensures water leak detection in even the tightest and most remote parts of your home; you can easily place it with a mounting clip pretty much anywhere.

These sensors work in tandem with a unique feedback-focused technology for AI-enhanced water detection. The Flo Smart Water Security System constantly receives feedback from the sensors placed around your home, and its AI-powered automatic smart system becomes smarter and more responsive as it gathers more and more data. 

Control Everything Via App

All of this water detection technology wouldn’t do you any good if it wasn’t expertly adapted to the consumer market. And that’s where the “smart” part of this smart water security system kit comes in!

When you install the Flo system in your home, you also gain access to the Flo smartphone app — an easy-to-use system that brings all of the control over your home’s water to your pocket. Just like most other smart home devices and systems, it’s compatible with the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa.

The app itself is great as well — especially if you care about water consumption. You can see the daily amounts of water you spend measured to extreme precision and set goals for the future right in the app. As we’ve mentioned, you can see the individual consumption of all appliances and fixtures too. 

You can use the app to constantly see all of the information which the Flo system detects — including temperature, pressure, and the flow rate. Likewise, any plumbing issues detected by Flo technology will appear as alerts and notifications in the app. 

Smarter Means Safer

Smart home water technologies like the Flo Smart Water Security system are the way of the future. They take an aspect of your home life — like water security — and focus on using contemporary technology to make it better, along with smartphones and the Internet used to make everything approachable to the average homeowner. This isn’t how things will look in the future — you’ve already got the options for a smarter home now! 

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