Video: Track water usage and shut off leaks with Flo by Water Secure Co

Introduction to Smart Water Shutoff & Home Setup - Protect Your Home from Water Damage Track your water usage & protect your Home from Water damage. Meet the industry-leading Smart Home Water Security System.

Watch this video to discover how Water Secure Co Smart Home Water Security System can help you! Water Secure Co Water Damage Prevention & Water Tracking Tailored To You Secure and protect every corner of your home from water damage and leaks with Flo by WaterSecure Co’s new ecosystem of products Flo by Moen Smart Water Detectors can be placed anywhere that may be vulnerable to leaks. You may use one, or multiple detectors throughout your home. The detectors can also be used in conjunction with the Smart Water Shutoff for maximum protection. If water leaks, freezing temperatures, or irregular changes in humidity are detected, you will receive real-time notifications through your smartphone via the Flo by Moen App.


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